Our missionaries are very important to us. We have through the years been part of many projects. We have fixed a child’s face through restorative surgery. We have built walls around a maternity hospital in Bocozelle/Haiti to which we also send layettes for the newborn. One year we sent out hundreds of Christmas boxes to soldiers in Iraq. The last few years we have concentrated on a small village near Kisume, Kenya and are now building our fourth hut/house for a widow with two young children. Her name is ROSE; she walks 13 mi each day to market to sell sugar cane. A group of widows is now learning to garden and have vegetable fields, such as Kale and they feed their families from their wares and sell at market. We also helped in contacting a physician and his group while in Kenya to perform a surgery on one of the widows who had a large tumor in her stomach. She was operated on and today she is working in the field and taking care of her garden and her family. When people donate to the book funds we help build another hut/ house… We are small but mighty. Mighty in the power of the Lord. It is an honor to help those who are in need. We go into those far nations because it is our mission to do so. Come, be part of it!

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