Our greatest desire is to have one of our books made into an animated movie. “The Little Angel That Lost Her Halo” was written by Dr. Anna Rich and it is registered with the Library of congress and also with the screenwriters guild west. (SWGw). Not for sale as a printed book at this time, but we ask for you to pray for us to have this story become a movie!

All Dr. Anna’s book are professionally illustrated and printed.

Bushy-Tail and Paddy-Wagon

This is a story/color book printed on very nice paper. The story
tells of a friendship between a field rabbit and a puppy adopted
from the animal shelter. Subtitled: It is OK to be friends even if you are different one from another based on Proverbs 17:17

Suggested donation is
7.00 plus shipping

The Day Meike Rang the Church Bell

This book is set in the Netherlands. It is a hardcover book with
a jacket, meant for young children, 7-10 yrs, very nicely
printed and illustrated in watercolors. Its suggested donation
is $10.00 plus shipping. There also is a necklace with a little
bell with tiny rhinestones set in the bell, which one can order
only if the book is acquired by donation only.

Suggested donation for the book is
10.00 plus shipping

There also is a necklace with a little bell with tiny rhinestones set in the bell, which one can order only if the book is acquired by donation only.

Suggested donation for the necklace is
4.00 plus shipping


Need Cover
A Miracle In the Rain Forest

The book tells of a mother elephant who has a head-strong baby elephant and three young children who live in a small village the forest one day save the baby elephant from a sure drowning and the mother elephant never forgot it. She and a herd of elephant come to the rescue of the villagers when a tsunami threatens their lives. This also is a story/color book with lots of pages and original professional artwork by Lilian Barac.

Suggested donation is
10.00 plus shipping

The Day Jordan Danced For Rain
This is a story/color book about a young girl who lived with her brothers and family in a small mountain community and there was a dire drought. A Texas college art student, Grace Liu, who now is a graphic artist, illustrated it and she was a delight to work with.

Suggested donation is
6.50 plus shipping

The Boy Under The

Illustrated by Lilian Barac, professional artist, in Sepia colors. A beautiful little hardcover book with a jacket. It tells of a Jewish boy, a young teen, who was being chased by enemy soldiers and ran into the home of a Dutch family, (in Holland during WW2) who kept him hidden until the danger past and then returned him to his grandparents. A lovely addition to any library! Proceeds go to build hut/houses in Kenya for widows and children.

Suggested donation is
12.00 plus shipping

Need Cover A Mother Like No Other
Illustrated by Lilian Barac. Suggested minimum donation is $ 12.00. Plus shipping. It is published as a hardcover with a jacket and is a lovely gift for any mother or mother figure. It even has one blank chapter in the back where you can tell YOUR story of YOUR mother or mother figure. The stories are set in the Netherlands in the years 1943-1947

Mama’s Special Christmas

A small colorful Christmas story, setting in the Netherlands during Christmas 1944. A very thoughtful, heartwarming story how a mother with four children during times of war celebrated a type of Miracle Christmas.

Suggested donation is
6.00 plus shipping

Need Cover
Romance at the V.A. Hospital

A 160-page novelette, telling of three student nurses who are finishing up their nurses’ training at the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach Ca. during the time the injured soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Since it is in pre-publishing issue, and soon to be in e-book also, and after recovering the cost of printing we donate to injured soldiers families.

Suggested donation is
10.00 plus shipping

Need Cover
The Beautiful Butterfly and the Birth of Jesus

Beautifully and tastefully illustrated by Claire Louise Milne, a professional and well-known illustrator who was kind enough to illustrate this wonderful story / color book for us. Not only does it explain about butterflies, but also the butterfly follows Joseph and Mary during their meeting, engagement, travels and the birth of Jesus in a little manger. Even the lowly cow is illustrated in a sweet manner! Dr. Anna also has written this story into a stage play and it can be obtained for $ 20.00 and she allows schools or churches to copy the play for each of their performers for that particular school or church.

Suggested donation is
7.50 plus shipping


All stories are copyrighted. C-AnnaRich, written in the years 2004-2012

At this time Dr. Anna’s first full-length novel, “Forever and a Day” is in final edit, along with an eight Bible study series titled “A String of Pearls”,  and a Bible study on Rev. 12, “A Wonder In Heaven” Also a ten chapter hard cover children’s chapter book, titled: “Miracle Rescues and Divine Interventions” which tells of a little girl, named Petra, who lived in Holland during WW2. The stories are amazing and heart warming and definitely will convince the reader and the listener that indeed there is SOMEONE looking out for His beloved children. Grace Liu professionally created the many watercolor illustrations and this book also will turn out to be a KEEPER in your long-term library! Check in with us later for soon to be publishing dates.

There are two other stories in the making: 1. ”The Little Boy Who Loved Bugs” It tells of a boy who loved to chase and collect bugs and refused to listen to the “stinky” bug! And Lord willing, many other titles to follow and please do not forget to pray for our animated story!!!! Maybe you can refer us to a Production company, we would love to see interest in our publications. 2. “My dreams of Heaven” Five dreams the pastor had of heaven, after the loss of her 10 year old daughter. “These dreams forever engraven upon my mind and heart”, she says. Artistically and sensitively illustrated by Natalie Marino, a New York illustrator. Check back with us. This little special book will be a great comfort to those who experience loss of a child.