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Meet Our Pastor

Dr. Anna RichDr. Anna Rich is the pastor of Desert Bloom Ministries in Fort Mojave, AZ. She pioneered the church in 1991 along with her son and daughter in law Jim and Tracy Rich. They all were trained at the well-established Community Chapel World Outreach in Norwalk, CA, under Dr. Esther Mallett's guidance and training. They are an outreach church from that organization which now is headed by Pastor Kay Butterfield. Her husband Richard Butterfield is the administrator and pastors alongside Pastor Kay. They are lovely and dedicated couple and have served the Lord all their lives.

Dr. Anna Rich has a Bachelor's, a Masters and a Doctorate degree from SCCBC, which stands for Southern California Community Bible College and knows that her Biblical education is the greatest value she ever obtained. "In my spiritual life being 'Saved' was the greatest adventure and then to be educated in the Bible and trained in the gifts of the Spirit were the greatest blessings."

In natural life, Dr. Anna Rich was an emergency room nurse for almost a decade, she has an arts and science degree from Long Beach City College, in CA. and only stopped practicing that occupation after the fatal injuries her 10-year-old daughter sustained during a boating accident. "I was about to lose my mind, but the Lord saved me and Pastor Mallett and CCWO rescued me. I was at the church so often my husband asked me why I did not take my bed and live thereā€¦!" She and her husband Robert have been married 46 years. She was born in the Netherlands at the outbreak of WW2 and attended church from 5 days old on and received her education at Christian and Montessori schools.

The pastor is a writer also and on the books/publications page you will be able to find the info regarding her books. They are not really for sale but are obtainable through donation and they do carry a suggested donation price. Funds used to build hut/houses for widows and children in a village near Kisume, Kenya. And those donations have blessed other missionary endeavors also.

Jim, Dr. Anna's son and his wife Tracy have stood by her all these years and Pastor Jim preaches the Sunday message about once per month. Jim and Tracy have been in church almost all their lives and are well grounded in the word of God. Jim has his own business and in his free time (what is that? Free time?) He coaches baseball as an assistant coach for about 20 years now also. They have two children and two granddaughters.