Welcome to our new site!


Welcome to Desert Bloom Ministries!

We invite you to join us! We are located at 14701 Hammer Road in Fort Mojave, Arizona.

Our church is not a large church, we do not have an orchestra nor many talented musicians, but our hearts are full of love for each other, our neighbors, our missionaries and our state and country and the world. We are unpretentious, but definitely aware of our calling and importance in the Kingdom of God. We have very good understanding of His Word and share it weekly and at Bible studies. All nationalities and all denominations are welcome, but we only adhere to the Word of God and know much about the depth and importance of the Scriptures Under the contact page you find a map to the church and other contact info. We hope to see YOU! From time to time we have “snow-birds” who come to Mohave County for the nice winter weather. From every tribe and nation we welcome you and love to teach you about the Lord Jesus Christ and His love for all of us.

At Desert Bloom Church we love the prophetic. The prophetic words over our lives have shaped us. Our people receive prophetic words as the Holy Spirit gives the anointing and the utterance. As it was in the New Testament, so we too, lay hands on the people and stir up the gifts within them.

There are several portions of Scriptures we CLAIM as OURS! Psalm 1: 1-3: Isaiah 35:1 and Matthew 5: 1-8 and Rev. 21: 1-7. "If you are like me," says pastor Anna, "and your heart was ripped into pieces, come and follow after God, He will heal you with a spiritual needle and He will wipe the tears from your eyes on this earth and someday in the heavens, where there is no more sorrow, no more sickness and no more pain."

Let us Praise His name together. The joy of the Lord is your strength!

The desert shall Rejoice and Blossom as the Rose
Isaiah 35:1